I offer supervision that can be specific to, or a blend of these models *:                  

  • Developmental:

  • Modality-specific/scope specific:

  • Adult-reflective:

  • Matrix

  • Restorative:

  • Group:

* More details on these approaches can be found in the tab: Models

My experience as a Supervisor:

  • In my Private Practice I have supervised Registered and non-registered Social Workers, Counsellors, Addictions Practitioners, Clinicians, Case-managers, RNs and social service agency Managers. I have also joined ANZASW Competency Assessment panels for social workers seeking registration.
  • I have provided line-supervision in the Probation Service (as Supervising Probation Officer and National Training Manager), in NFP/NGO agencies for Social Workers, Counsellors, Clinicians and Community Service Workers, and practicum supervision for post-graduate students.
  • As a Clinical Leader (Addictions) I had line-responsibility for a multi-disciplinary team working with self-referred addictions residents, whilst also providing practicum supervision in residential addictions settings for psychology, nursing and social work graduate students undertaking Doctoral studies and Master’s placements.
  • As Clinical Coordinator/Clinician (Primary Mental Health) I have provided line-supervision for mental health professionals (Registered Nurses and Social Workers) and Continuing Professional Development training and guidance for GP’s and other Allied-Health professionals.

 My experiences as a Supervisee:

  • My own values and perspective have been shaped by a number of very rewarding experiences as a supervisee under the guidance and encouragement of competent supervisors.
  • I have had just one disappointing experience as a supervisee – and I remain informed by it.

My preferred definition of one-on-one supervision:

  • In line with the view of Hawkins and Shohet (2006) I view supervision as:   “…….. an interpersonal interaction with the general goal that one person, the supervisor, meets with another, the supervisee, with a focus on constructively critiquing the latter’s effectiveness in helping people”.

Some personal limitations:

  • Though I have attended a number of Noho marae, and te Reo classes, and I engage in partnership education, I have limited experience working with Maori models of waiora (e.g. Te Wheke and Te Whare Tapa Wha), and Pacifica models, and of supervision specifically focussed on competence in these.
  • I do not consider myself qualified to supervise counsellors who seek supervision focusing specifically on critiquing the theory and practice of Narrative Therapy.

Own supervision:

  • I am presently supervised by a psychotherapist, and also by a registered DAPAANZ/NZAC supervisor.

I believe there is a place for humour in supervision, just as there is in practice.

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